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We are currently not accepting new clients.
Office hours are by appointment only.

If you are an existing client of Szemplinski Law Offices, you agreed to certain standard terms and conditions contained in our standard form Master Retainer Agreement. Unless we have entered into a customized retainer agreement with you or these terms have been modified in writing, this Master Retainer Agreement applies to all work that we do for you.

If you are a new or prospective client, please familiarize yourself with the Master Retainer Agreement and the Signature Page, as those documents set out the details of the lawyer-client relationship.

We are not your lawyers and have no obligations towards you until we have confirmed to you in writing that you have retained us or you have signed a document to that effect.

We may change the Master Retainer Agreement and Signature Page from time to time at our discretion. If you do not agree to the changes, you must notify us within 30 days of the new versions becoming effective; otherwise we will assume that you agree to the new versions.

For your reference, this page is always linked below to the most current version of our Master Retainer Agreement and Signature Page.

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