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    Professional Corporations
    Restructuring, Updates
    Reviews, Searches

Notary Public
    Notarize, Commission
    Certified Notarial Copies
    Affidavits, Statutory Declarations

    Powers of Attorney
    Estate Planning
    Estate Administration, Probate

    Litigation Reviews, Investigations
    Research, Opinions, Consulting
    Independent Legal Advice

Getting Started

  • Assemble all relevant documents and information relating to your matter. Notes summarizing the history and key details of your situation are always helpful and will speed up processing. For some matters, we may provide forms, checklists, or additional resources.
  • Call or email us to set up an appointment and discuss further.
  • Review our Master Retainer Agreement and Signature Page, which you may be asked to sign if we are retained.
  • Fees vary depending on the complexity of the project.
  • We only accept payments by cheque, cash, or electronic transfer. We do not take credit or debit cards at this time.

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