notary public


A notary public in Ontario is entitled to administer oaths, witness signatures, and certify true copies, among other things. When notarizing a document, a notary will typically affix their seal and signature. A licensed lawyer in Ontario is entitled to be appointed a notary public upon filing the proper paperwork.


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Notary Fees

The following is a general guideline only. Actual fees, disbursements, and required retainers/reserves will vary depening on the details of each case. Any fee estimates will be confirmed in writing before starting on any project. HST applies to all fees and most disbursements.

Service Fees Disbursements Payment
Notarize Document - Up to First 3 Signatures
(35.40 + 4.60 HST)
Extra Copies Payable in Full at Signing
Notarize Document - Every Additional Signature 10.00
(8.85 + 1.15 HST)
Notarial Certificate of True Copy - First Certificate for a Document Set 80.00
(70.80 + 9.20 HST)
Notarial Certificate of True Copy - Every Additional Certificate of Same Document Set 10.00
(70.80 + 9.20 HST)